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Special Features of Endlessworld
(Posted on 16 Aug 2014 by Malum)
Due to the fact that some guys keep asking how to find the specials here some clues.

The most improtant Npcs are in Giran.

Helvetia: sells Dual craft Stemp and mana Pots, as well as Shots up to B Grade.

You may also find our Service Manager and our Sheme Buffer there.

The other big Special are our Rb's:

LvL 20-59 drops the normal ncsoft stuff.
60-69: drops top A Grade
70-78: drops Dynasty Stuff
80-end: drops Moirai/Vesper Stuff.

Greetings Endlessworld Team
Beta Test
(Posted on 15 Aug 2014 by Malum)
Server is now free-for-all instead of GM-only. Have fun in the Beta ;)
Beta Test
(Posted on 14 Aug 2014 by Malum)
begins on Friday around 12:00 am.

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