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HelpCenter - FAQs

1) I downloaded Lineage 2. What do i have to do now?

First you install the Client on normal way.

If the install is finished you go to you choosen Lineage 2 folder
Now you unzip the system folder you downloaded in the Lineage 2 Mainfolder
For this you have to use WinRAR, WinZip or 7zip You can find the links in the downlaod section.

Now start Lineage with the Lineage2.exe


2) I cant login after Registration, why?

After creating your account you reserve an verification e-mail so Check you spam folders on you e-mail account.

If you couldnt find an e-mail contect us here:
or per TeamSpeak 3
Adresse: ewg.omegacrew.de:64526

3) Where to report bugs and proposals?

You can report Bugs and proposals per:
✘ per Forum
✘ per eMail Support (Support@EndlessWorld.de)

Keep in mind that all changes take time tobe implemented
because the owners are playing here too.


4) How often do you sent the newsletters?

Usually you get a month 1-3 Newsletters from EndlessWorld.de
. However, it can sometimes happen that no newsletter will be sent to you.
A flooding of the newsletter will not happen. (Includes flooding a week more like 3 newsletter)

The account-confirmation, charactertransfer, etc. not belong to the newsletter!